Monteverde Day Tours

TropicAves is based out of the Monteverde cloud forest in Costa Rica. Already in the area? We offer all-inclusive day tours! See below.
Note: All day trips include park entrance fees, bilingual naturalist guide, transportation, and meals (when applicable). 4 person minimum.


curi cancha  Day hike, Curi Cancha Reserve: Visit a private nature reserve where you will feast your eyes on elegant strangler figs, beautiful birds and other wild animals, PLUS two different ecosystems-cloud forest and premontane forest. After the hike, cool down with an ice cream cone at the famous Monteverde Cheese factory- and learn about Monteverde’s unique history. Morning and afternoon hikes available. $35/person

m0nteverde  Day hike, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve: Visit the world-famous cloud forest that put Monteverde on the map! Hike to an enchanting waterfall or, if you are up for a challenge, to the continental divide, where you can observe both the Pacific and Caribbean slopes of the Tilaran Mountain Range. This hike includes a visit to the neighboring hummingbird gallery, where you can see over 15 different species of colorful, iridescent hummingbirds in one small area! Morning and afternoon hikes available. $40/person

cafe con leche  Café con Leche:  Visit a family-owned, organic coffee farm in the charming San Luis valley, followed by a visit to a typical, small-scale dairy farm. First stop: learn about shade-grown, sustainable coffee production on a diversified farm, and end the tour with a nice, steaming cup of Monteverde’s finest coffee. Next, you will walk across the street to learn about one of Monteverde’s most important trades from a local dairy farmer- you can even try your hand at milking the cows! Tour starts at 1:30pm and ends at approximately 4:00pm. $38/person

finca la bella  Finca la Bella:  Visit a historic land trust called Finca la Bella in the San Luis valley, where you will tour two different organic farms: at one, you will see a traditional sugar cane mill and taste sugar cane juice (that you mill yourself!) and sugar cane candy. This farm boasts a stunning view of the Pacific Gulf of Nicoya- come in the afternoon if you want to catch an awesome sunset! Next, walk to a small, organic coffee farm where you can pick coffee (season-dependent), learn about the roasting process, and savor a steaming cup of coffee on this shade-grown, diversified farm. Morning and afternoon tours available. $38/person (Option: add a delicious, typical lunch at a Costa Rican family home for just $12 more per person!)

rural monteverde  Rural Monteverde: Spend a day in the life of a local San Luiseño: get a first-hand glimpse of Costa Rican customs, culture, and cuisine. We start off with a typical lunch at a local family’s home, then tour a family-owned, organic coffee farm. Later, enjoy a cooking lesson at a local home (you choose: sweet or savory?) and, of course, another cup of coffee to wash it down! Bird watching as the sun goes down, milking cows in the late afternoon, and ending the night at a family-run tilapia farm where you will catch your own dinner! While waiting for your fish to fry, you will tour a diversified, sustainable farm: see a biodigestor, and learn about small-scale beef, chicken, and pork production. Tour lasts from 11:00am-7:00 pm. Great for families with kids or lots of energy! $98/person.

birding blitzBirding Blitz: Want to maximize your exposure to the biodiversity of Monteverde? Get to know three different ecosystems in ONE day! The morning starts early with a cup of local, organic coffee at a hummingbird gallery next to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. (Enjoy an explosion of iridescent gems as you sip your latte!) After a hummingbird lesson, we will enter the world-famous reserve for a few hours of cloud forest specialty birding, where we can find Black-faced Solitaires, Resplendent Quetzals, Prong-billed Barbets, Emerald Toucanets, and Black Guans. Next stop, the premontane humid forest of the San Luis valley. After some roadside birding, we will stop for a typical lunch at a family-owned farm where a dip in the continental divide provides a glimpse of some Caribbean bird species, such as Passerini's tanagers and Crimson-collared tanagers, not found in any other parts of Monteverde. After lunch, we birdwatch in the tropical dry forest of the Bajo San Luis Reserve. Specialties include Lesser ground-cuckoos, White-throated magpie jays, and Rose-throated becards! All locations are within 25 minutes driving from one another. 6:30 am to 5:00 pm. $100/person (Option: Catch your own tilapia dinner at a locally-owned restaurant, Rancho de Lelo, for just $16 more!) 

night hike  Night hike: The cloud forest really comes alive at night-- don't miss this exciting opportunity for nocturnal wildlife viewing! With luck, you may encounter: sleeping birds, kinkajous, olingos, opossums, puma, ocelot, bats, frogs, snakes, and dozens of insects! Even if you did not see wildlife, the experience of being in the forest at night is priceless and you will not want to miss it! $35/person.

custom  Custom, Private Day Tour: Interested in something off the beaten path? Choose your own adventure! We can offer any combination of the activities above and more! Contact us with your ideal day tour and we will make it happen for you. Prices vary. Contact us!