All of our package tours include a bilingual naturalist guide, plus a private vehicle and driver who will accompany you throughout your vacation. Our goal is that by the end of your vacation, you will think of us as friends, not just as service providers

Our company name, TropicAves, is a reflection of some of the characteristics that makes us unique. We are a bilingual company, hence our bilingual name (aves is Spanish for “birds”). Our tours, like many others, are nature-based, but what sets ours apart is our guide’s educational background in Tropical Ecology and her special focus on avifauna. Costa Rica is located in the amazingly biodiverse tropics (hence “Tropic”) and “Aves” is the Latin name for the taxonomic group of feathered animals we know as birds!

It doesn’t stop there-- we focus on much more than just birds! We'll be looking out for reptiles, amphibians, mammals, plants, plants, ecology, and natural history in general-- and will also involve components of Costa Rican food, cultural traditions, and agriculture. We strive to provide a real sense of connection with nature AND people, and inspire a passion for conservation in our guests.

Our vehicle is a high roof Toyota Hiace that can accomodate a group of up to 14 participants, and our driver is a friendly, reliable Costa Rican who is always willing to practice Spanish and tell jokes with our guests- he is also a priceless cultural reference for your vacation in beautiful Costa Rica! Our fully bilingual naturalist guide has five years of experience leading expeditions in Costa Rica’s lowland rainforests, tropical dry forests, cloud forests, and marine ecosystems. Her areas of expertise include birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and Costa Rican culture and language.

Our pricing includes pick up and drop off at the airport, all hotel stays, private, air-conditioned transportation throughout the country, personalized packing and reading lists, as well as unlimited bird watching, natural history walks, night hikes, dance classes, and taxonomy workshops. *We also travel with a first aid kit and insulin cooler *. 

Our promise to you: you will learn something about the world around you, and your trip will be an educational, fun, relaxing, exciting, beautiful, and unforgettable experience. We offer unparalleled insight into Costa Rican culture and wildlife- for all ages and abilities - with as much academic content as you require.
Carbon Offset: We invite you to leave a large, green footprint in Costa Rica by making the decision to offset the carbon dioxide accumulated from your travels. That way, your vacation will make a positive difference in the world- and it is your chance to give back to the country that hosted you! To participate in the program, we ask for a donation of $30 per participant, which will pay for the planting of 25 tropical trees within the bounds of a biological corridor that aims to connect the protected cloud forest in the highlands to the mangrove forests on the Pacific coast, through historically deforested terrain.

(For more information on the Bellbird Biological Corridor, click here: and )

Why Choose TropicAves?

  • Since we are the owners and  operators of TropicAves, we offer unmatched flexibility, personal attention, and quality control, to make your vacation exactly what you want it to be.
  • We offer a unique knowledge base grounded in our combination of local and foreign perspectives: we get you the best of the best!
  • We take safety seriously- we travel with a First Aid Kit and current First Aid Certification.
  • You do not have to share your experience with people you do not know. You hire us to guide and transport you and your personally-selected travelling companions. You get to have a unique experience, and since the only travelers in the vehicle are the members of your travel party, YOU control when we stop, what we do, and where we do it. We promise you won’t leave Costa Rica feeling like you were herded!
  • We use environmentally-friendly, sustainable business practices—we contract local families and businesses wherever possible, support our local parks and reserves, and analyze the sustainability practices of all hotels we consider. We also have a no-paper policy in the office; the only thing we print is your final itinerary. Included in your pricing package is an optional $30 donation to offset the carbon footprint of your travels, by planting trees and/or supporting ongoing research in the Bellbird Biological Corridor. (See links at the bottom of the previous section for more information)
  • Travelling with us is stress-free. We want you to focus on ENJOYMENT of the natural world around you, not on directions or driving or hotel and park reservations – we take care of all of that for you!
  • We support you all the way through your journey, which begins before you walk out the front door: you will receive a detailed, personalized packing list and suggested reading list for your individual interests.
  • Does your family include high school students studying for AP or IB Spanish or Biology exams? We can help them practice in a way that feels natural!
  • ​You will get an authentic, unique experience, not a pre-packaged tour, and will leave with an accurate impression of how Costa Ricans really live: you will experience their culture, cuisine, and ecological wonders.